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Arran Major Trauma Pathway

This pathway for major trauma has been developed to link immediate management of trauma – including interventions possible at a community hospital – with appropriate transfer under the major trauma network being developed in Scotland.

Source: Arran Medical Group/Arran War Memorial Hospital

Main Contact: David Hogg, GP

Current at: November 2016

Management of rural major trauma is a low frequency, high intensity event.  The primary aim would be rapid transfer, ideally from scene, to a major trauma centre or its equivalent.  However, in rural areas, particularly those with community or general hospitals, there is inevitably occasional input required from GPs or other generalists, whether due to environmental, personnel or extenuating circumstances.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Dr Linda Dykes of Bangor Hospital (Wales) for sharing their pathway, on which this one is based.  Thanks also to Dr Drew Inglis of EMRS and Kate Dawson of Benbecula Hospital for feedback and further development..

This version is a word document, with sensitive contact information redacted.  We are happy to share this information directly with centres who are in the same ‘catchment’ area as ourselves.

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