2024 Rural GP Fellowships launched – closing date, 2 June!

We are delighted to hear that NHS NES has launched its annual GP Fellowship programme. RGPAS recognises the huge importance of these fellowships and would encourage doctors who want to gain experience in remote and/or rural general practice to apply for this valuable opportunity.

The one-year GP Rural Fellowships represent an opportunity to work in Scotland to develop the generalist skills required to work in some of the most beautiful areas of our country. There are three  types of Rural Fellowship – ‘Standard’, Hybrid and ‘Acute Care’. Up to 10 Rural fellowships are available this year.

Fellows gain experience by working in remote and/or rural general practice for the ‘Standard’ option or hospital practice for the Acute Care option as well as in a ‘base practice’ in a rural area. The fellowship year includes 13 weeks of protected time and a generous financial allowance to support a flexible, individually tailored learning programme based on the fellow’s individual needs. Part time opportunities are available.

For full details on how to apply, visit the NHS NES webpage here