| Great Ideas Bank
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Great Ideas Bank

A place to find wheels that have already been invented!

What’s this?

Many of us have benefited from sharing of pathways, protocols and other work. RGPAS is keen to encourage and facilitate collaboration.

We have therefore launched the RGPAS Great Ideas Bank to showcase useful resources which can be downloaded and adapted for local use.

Please give full credit of the original work in any adapted versions that you use in your local setting.  If you have a resource to share, you can email it to and we’ll add it to this section.

Just a note…

RGPAS, nor the original authors, can accept clinical responsibility for implementation of these resources – that responsibility lies with those who are adapting these resources for their own use.

Please ensure that you are satisfied with the accuracy and currency of the information and guidance shared here, and that implementation is in keeping with your local clinical governance mechanisms.