RGPAS is a forum for:

  • Mutual, self-support for rural GPs
  • Rural practice education and research
  • Discussion and debate around rural healthcare issues
  • Political representation and campaigning for rural General Practice
  • Encouragement and training support for students interested in rural practice

The annual RGPAS Conference is centrally important to bring together the disparate membership, providing the opportunity to:

  • Meet face to face to develop friendships and create professional networks
  • Learn through the activities of the conference programme
  • Discuss topical issues
  • Priority booking and notification for our annual conference.
  • Hold the AGM and agree priorities for the coming year.

RGPAS membership brings:

  • Access to other RGPAS members and the activities outlined above.
  • A source of professional and personal support for practitioners who, by the nature of their work, are geographically isolated and often significantly challenged by the breadth and depth of care they need to deliver and the level of responsibility they hold.
  • The opportunity to work with like-minded colleagues and contribute to the educational, research and political activities of the association to enhance and strengthen rural general practice.
  • Our JISC-hosted email chatline is the backbone to receiving updates and joining in discussion about issues relevant to rural practice.
  • As well as voting rights for RGPAS decisions, you will become more involved and informed about the wider opportunities and advice available for rural practice work.

RGPAS is a solid network of like-minded GPs and we are always aiming to consolidate and build upon this network.

  • Full membership is open to rural GPs, defined as a doctor with a licence to practice on the General Medical Council Register, and who is on the GP Register, and who working in a rural healthcare setting.


  • RGPAS members agreed at the AGM November 2022 to set the fees at £50 per year for full members and £20 for associate members to commence from August 1st 2023.
  • Memberships renew on 1st October. Please note that any subscriptions made after 1st August each year will automatically rollover to cover you for the following year – this means you will receive up to 15 months until your membership next renews.
  • If you have any queries, please contact us on hello@ruralgp.scot

How to apply for RGPAS Membership

In 3 easy steps

    1. Await confirmation of your registration – instructions for payment will be emailed to you.
    2. RGPAS email chatline is optional.
    3. That’s it… you’re all set to receive and participate in RGPAS updates and discussions!