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Fascia iliaca hip nerve block – in the community hospital setting

Fascia iliaca hip nerve blocks are increasingly recognised as offering very effective analgesia for fractured hips – both prehospitally, as well as community hospitals and centres of expertise.

Source: Mackinnon Rural General Hospital, Broadford, Skye

Main Contact: Dr Alistair Innes, Rural Practitioner

Current at: December 2016

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Dr Innes who has kindly made this paper available to RGPAS for sharing wider.

This paper was discovered whilst another two rural sites were considering the development of a hip fracture pathway, to aid management, decision-making and early analgesia.  Further work on the topic of Hip Fracture management – including pathway development – will be shared here.

Image used under Creative Commons licence, courtesy of Booyabazooka

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